Search for the Crystal Tulip  |  Pella, Iowa  |  A holiday competition sponsored by Brand Appeal and the Pella Chamber of Commerce

Join the Search November 20, 2023

history of discovery In 2012, Darrin, Holly and Kaitlyn Fairchild discovered the Crystal Tulip deep within the drinking fountain at Sunken Gardens. They will forever hold the honor of renewing Pella’s lost tradition — the Search for the Crystal Tulip! One decade later, in 2022, it was three generations of family who found the Crystal Tulip hidden on a farm near the Prairie Ridge development. Thank you to the De Nooys, Mapes, and Groenendyks, for getting your family involved to Search!
legend has it... The first established holiday season in Pella in 1847, there bloomed a mysterious Crystal Tulip in a barren and snow-laden flower bed north of the square. Pella residents were both intrigued and distant, as no one had seen anything like this Crystal Tulip before. "What is the meaning of this?" was the questioned raised. While some answered with skepticism, others believed it was a blessing from above. No matter the theory, the Crystal Tulip was seen as something special in the eyes of all, and the discovery of the Crystal Tulip was celebrated with thanksgiving and joy. As the years went on, the Crystal Tulip was found blooming each holiday season as it had in 1847. However, where it appeared was not so easily determined ― for each year the Crystal Tulip was found in a different location. Some years it was discovered blooming in one of the flower beds in and around the city, while in other years it was found hidden indoors and in 
odd locations. But once found, the town celebrated together ― filling the streets with song 
and dance. And so early on, the holiday season began with joyous anticipation of the 
Search for the Crystal Tulip. Sometime during the early 1900s the traditional Search for the Crystal Tulip was abandoned, though no one knows exactly why. Some have said that the Crystal Tulip no longer bloomed each year, while others say it bloomed, but could not be found. And so the tradition has been kept in silence ever since ― until now... On the morning of October 1st, 2012, at the front door of Brand Appeal there was a letter addressed to the citizens of Pella and signed, ‘Anonymous.’ In this letter the writer declared 
that the Crystal Tulip was in bloom at that very moment, and could be found by following the provided clues. Brand Appeal made the clues available to all, restoring Pella‘s joyful holiday Search.
join the search Brand Appeal will post photographic clues representing the Crystal Tulip's hiding place on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Follow the clues to find the Crystal Tulip and claim the handsome reward of $250 Pella Chamber Bucks! ﷯ ﷯ in reward The winner will receive $250 in Pella bucks.

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